Marcia Rock


Marcia Rock has produced twelve documentaries since 1984 and received many awards including three local Emmys and several nominations. Her work covers international dilemmas, women’s issues as well as personal perspectives.  She recently completed two films on veterans, Warriors Return about the struggle with Post Traumatic Stress by Navajo veterans and SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home, about women veterans’ transition from active duty to civilian life.  It won a NY Emmy.  Her recent short, Soldiers Period, produced with Patty Stotter, grew out of their work with women veterans and was distributed via social media.  It is a response to comments that women shouldn’t be admitted to elite combat troops because of PMS.  Her other films include, Salt Harvesters of Ghana (2007) captures the dignity of women working in a grueling landscape. It won best short at the Newburyport Documentary Film. Writers’ Rooms: The Making of a Mural(2008) follows painter Elena Climent’s research of six American writers’ workspaces. Her documentary on the changing role of women in Northern Ireland, Daughters of the Troubles: Belfast Stories (1997) won many awards including the AWRT Grand Documentary Award. She has produced several pieces on New York City and writers. McSorley’s New York won an Emmy in 1987. “Village Writers: the Bohemian Legacy” (1990) recounts the literary history of Greenwich Village. Reynolds Price: a Writer’s Inheritance (1989) explores the powerful relationship between family history and art. Rock’s films have also gone in more personal direction. Dancing with My Father (2003), ponders how adult love is shaped by what a child learns at home and Surrender Tango (2006) compares the rules and roles of tango with contemporary relationships. Rock is a professor and Director of News and Documentary at the NYU Arthur Carter Journalism Institute.  She is co-author with Marlene Sanders of, Waiting for Prime Time: The Women of Television News. Her work has been featured on Public Television and cable. Her films are currently in distribution with Cinema Guild, Filmmakers Library, and Women Make Movies.

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5 comments on “Marcia Rock

  1. I was wondering how i can get a copy of the documentary about the veterans…”Warriors Return” I’m a navajo veteran myself. thanks

  2. I would love to have the “Warriors Return” video. I’m a Navajo Vietnam Vet. Is this video for sale yet? ( (1-16-2016) Thanks…..

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