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UnReined is about an Israeli equestrian champion who crosses boundaries between Jews, Christians and Palestinian, in her professional life with horses and in her personal life as well. I won the triple crown of Equus Festivals: Equus Film and Arts Festival, Equus International Film Festival and the Equinale Film Festival (Germany). All received best feature documentary! unreinedfilm.com

Virtual Festival Nov 2020
September 2021


SOLDIERS PERIOD, a new short by Patricia Lee Stotter and Marcia Rock, is a response by women veterans to the claim that they can’t serve in elite combat forces because of PMS. The comments to which the women responded were quoted in a report, “Considerations for Integrating Women into Closed Occupations in the U.S. Special Operations,” written by the Rand National Defense Research Institute and included exten- sive interviews with Special Operations men on this topic.

From athletes at the Olympics to these women warriors, women are going public about menstruation. The rawness of the women’s responses reveals the misogynist nonsense they confronted while serving. Their responses were not scripted.


INSIDE LENS, Series 1, 2015, was nominated for a NY Emmy.  The series is comprised of 8 documentaries produced by my grad students at News and Documentary at NYU Journalism.  It aired on NYC Media and had a great time with the team there.  Series 2 now running in NYC Life on Ch 25.  Also check listings.20160319_184546


I produced the trailer for this wonderful book:

<p>What’s the difference between puppy love and dogged devotion? Sara and Rory are the happiest of newlyweds – except for Sara’s over-attachment to (and perhaps Rory’s jealousy of) her dog from a previous relationship. This “blended family” story takes off – literally – when Sara’s ex kidnaps the dog and Rory embarks on a cross-country odyssey to save it for Sara.</p>


PIC_36 DonVirSS


                     Check for information:  warriorsreturnthefilm.com.

We won the NY Emmy for SERVICE!!!!

L1013646 copy
L1013698 copy
L1013667 copy

Great night at the NY Emmy Awards.  Was a real treat to be there with three former students who also won.


Co-Producers of SERVICE, Marcia Rock and Patricia Lee Stotter


McSorley’s New York is available on amazon.com.

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