September 2021 Official Selection and Award Finalist

Virtual Festival November 2020

This is the story of a promising young rider from San Diego who held the Israeli high jump record for 20 years. But it is also the story of how the mutual affection for horses became an entry point for a significant collaboration between Israelis and Palestinians.  As a result of the Oslo Agreement, Nancy Zeitlin had one of the most significant experiences of her professional life training young Palestinians to ride and compete internationally.  Nancy serves as an inspiration for how coexistence can be done. On the personal side, as a single mother, Nancy crosses the borders of the divided secular and religious society in Israel bringing insight into the fractured society.

Produced by Marcia Rock and Naomi Guttman-Bass

Marcia Rock

Naomi Guttman-Bass

Nancy Zeitlin in competition

Nancy teaching in Jericho

Nancy and Marcia