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WARRIORS RETURN AIRED on Public TV stations across the country to celebrate Native American History Month and Veterans Day.

To find your city and schedule, go to the website and checkout screenings. warriorsreturnthefilm.com

and http://worldchannel.org/programs/episode/warriors-return/

It airs on First Nations Experience channels 12/7/14 at 9:30 EST, 6:30 PST and 12/28/14 9:30 EST and 6:30 PST.  Check listings: http://fnx.org/schedule

Early comments from Chinle, AZ after the airdate:

Very moving and touching.
Is the leak in the ceiling of your mom’s house still there? (Yes. The whole top roof has to be replaced. No funds to accomplish that. VA is very aware of it and no one seems to really want to deal with it.)
Love the scenery.
Cannot believe it’s being televised throughout the country. How did a professor, Director, from NYU find you?
Can other Native tribes get involve in documentary similar to this?
Special attention on our young men/women veterans needs to happen soon before something bad happens to them.
Vets don’t need money; they need professional psychological help.
Can the documentary be purchased?
More focus needs to be on young war vets from Iraq and Afghanistan conflict.